Welcome my Medal pages.

Here are some medals from my collection. I don't know if any one is even interested, but here they are anyway.

I bought my first medal, a Canadian Volunteer Service medal of WWII, at a fleamarket for $ 5.00 some 30 years ago. (see picture at left) Since the I have been able to add to my collection a bit at the time. My first purchases were common items like the British WWI and WWII medals. I suppose every collector in the Commonwealth starts with those.

It is not the most professional site; I have only basic knowledge of HTML; things like Flash and Dreamweaver are well beyond my limited skills.

I will over time try and improve the appearance and content of the site. Perhaps when time allows, I will write some comment on some of the medals or something that might be of interest to other collectors.

I am always ready to receive tips or comments; feel free to send me an email anytime.

Sincerely, JT